Geyrfugl in Ireland

The strip-built sea kayak Geyrfugl had been completed around Christmas 2001, for my daughter (then seven). She had been paddled on a few trips, and came out with us on our summer holiday to Ireland in 2002. Mary and I had had a couple of days paddling rented plastic Skerrays out of Killary Harbour, but we were now playing with our own boats (Andy’s Mistral, and Geyrfugl) in the little estuary by our campsite, just south of Killary.

Both Michael (seen below) and Sarah (above) were still a bit small for even a tiny scaled-down sea kayak, but they certainly had fun with her in the sheltered warm water – although not always in the conventional mode of sitting in the cockpit. Sarah was able to simply climb into the boat from the shallow water, so no stability problems there !

Mary had her first go in Geyrfugl in the mouth of the estuary, with just a low swell crossing the sandbar. She found that the boat was picked up by even these small waves and surfed wonderfully. “She goes like stink!” was her comment.