The Nith

The second time this year we’ve paddled this, and a bit more water made it well worth the long drive to Galloway. The first section was a bit boily in places at this level, but lines are easy to spot and no-one was unseated. Rapids follow each other in fairly quick succession, but nothing unduly difficult until the river starts to narrow into its gorge section. The video features footage from both this trip and the one earlier in the year.

Different lines open up as the level rises, so the first part of the gorge was a bit changed from the spring trip. One boulder which was well out of the water last time, was well submerged this time, and had enough of a hole behind it to give Andy some rolling practice. The drop just above also provided us with a bit of rescue interest. A rock right on the eddy line caused another swim towards the end of the gorge, but this was quickly sorted, giving an exciting seal-launch to put back on.