Andy’s blog: login, logout or register

It’s a sign of these exploitative times that if we leave the new user registration process unprotected, we get a stream of spam registrations, many of them automated. We considered all sorts of “Captcha” solutions, but by far the easiest for genuine human users is to ask you to show some evidence that you have actually read some of the blog. Thus you’ll find that the “register as new user” link below leads to a page that asks for a password. The password is explained in an easy to understand page in the blog, and the title of the registration page gives a pretty big hint which page. If the password isn’t something you know off the top of your head, it proves easy enough to Google, and you can just copy and paste rather than trying to type it all manually.

At the moment this link is broken, the relevant plugin is not yet installed and registration is not possible. Please bear with us until site migration is complete.

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