Copyright / Legal

All the photos (and video frames) used in my blog posts are copyright © Andy Waddington, unless otherwise credited. Where credited, all other material remains copyright of the original author/photographer and I cannot assign rights to reproduce. All the embedded videos are taken by Andy, too, unless additional footage is credited at the end of the video (which it often is – any mixture of headcam and bank video is fairly certain to involve more than one person taking footage).

Where photographs are credited as by myself (or uncredited – I hope none taken by anyone else are on the site without credit), the original images are released under a Creative Commons licence, CC-BY-NC, and may therefore be freely reproduced as long as my name is credited, visibly, on each use. I believe it is good form to make it clear that the photograph is reproduced by virtue of the CC licence (with an appropriate link). The derived images (mostly reduced to 800 pixels wide or less) are also licensed CC. It would be courteous to let me know if you’ve used or would wish to use an image. I can point you at the CC-licensed originals (which are not intended to be findable via search engines – it is simply not possibe for Google to download 2 Tb of photos over our phone line). Many of my images are also on, which uses a slightly different CC licence (without the non-commercial restriction) and you can freely copy those at whatever size is on their site. I try to licence the videos CC, too, but obviously, if a video has non-CC music or footage taken by someone who doesn’t want to use a CC licence, I can’t do so, and the standard you-tube licence applies. However, if you ditch the soundtrack, I’m happy for any video where Waddington family members are the only credited photographers to be treated as CC.

Much of the written material has been previously published elsewhere, but as I have never assigned copyright (which must be done in writing) to any of those publishers, all material remains my copyright, and may also be reproduced, with credit. I feel I should use a “no-derivatives” CC licence for the written material, but feel free to contact me if you want to incorporate a modified version (including versions originally published elsewhere, on paper) of anything into any future publication – I will usually be amenable to that though you need to be aware that the original publishers may have done some editing and may have a copyright interest in those versions (even when it was me acting as their editor).

If you find any material whatsoever, of which I am not the copyright holder, on this site that has been reproduced without appropriate credit, please let me know and accept my apologies – I will rectify the situation as soon as I am made aware of it.