Wet West Paddlefest 2012

We went up on Thursday night, staying at the hostel attached to the pub in Roybridge. On Friday we went east to do the Pattack, which could have done with a bit more water.

Michael on the main rapid of the Pattack – his heroic brace made it look easy… Photo: Andy.

Saturday was the big event – the dam-release Moriston. Mary walked round the first big drop, Sarah ran it, but had her spraydeck implode, whilst Andy ran it quite successfully. All reunited below this, we all ran the rest of the river with varying degress of uprightness, but no swims.

Sarah getting used to her new creek boat on the longest rapid on the Moriston

On Sunday, no-one wanted to go and play on the (inevitably busy) Garry, but as the water levels were up, and the Orchy was on the way back, we decided to run this. Mary was still in a state of shock from her success on the Moriston and decided she was too tired to paddle for a third day in a row, and Michael decided to sit this one out too. It was at a significantly higher level than last time we’d run it, and Sarah and Andy had a great time, so Mary and Michael rather regretted having not paddled.

Andy having fun on Witch’s Step at the end of the middle Orchy. Photo: Sarah.

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