Some Orchy, and some more

The levels looked scary, four feet at the Bridge of Orchy, but the Allt Kinglass was pretty low, so the river lower down (at Witch’s Step) was not quite as big as with Glenmore Lodge a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless, the group felt a bit intimidated, so we went downstream to look at some rapids and ended up with all eight doing the Lower from the Falls or Orchy down to Catnish as a warm up.

That done, and all upright, we trekked back up and had a look at the top again. The level was down by a few inches, but still fairly big, but we’d left Pete’s van at Eas Mor, so seven of us put on and set off to do the first half of the Middle.

Big Rock went alright (Michael rolled up, but my video was nowhere nearby, so it never happened, OK?) We had a quick reccy at Chicken Shoot, which meant that I got some bank footage, as well as headcam and boat cam.

Michael running into Chicken Shoot

Lots of easy rapids between the named features – some even suitable for playing to the camera.

Brown ! But not very stout…

Next up, Sheep Trolley gorge, which isn’t a gorge and no longer has a sheep trolley. At this level, it’s pretty easy as there are fewer rocks to avoid, but the wave at the end is still pretty meaty, and today it had a second wave which was hit more slowly and necessitated a quick roll (in my case).

Not much further, and we took out above Eas Mor (as we didn’t have time to do the rest). All except Anthony, who ran the grade 5, then took out – a marginally shorter walk to Pete’s van.

Anthony being squirted skywards from the right hand line on Eas Mor

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