Hairy Lemon to Doha

Thinking about the future – which wasn’t going to include running this !

We’re on our way back after a pretty successful trip to Uganda, with five runs of Day 2 – and I’ve now run every rapid upright at least once ! Unfortunately, after a swim-free 2013, New Year’s day might have gone better as I swam both below Kalagala and on Vengeance immediately after. By the bottom of that, I’d got one watershoe and no socks left, so I was a very loose fit in the boat for the rest of the day. The last day was a lot better, starting off down the (very) bottom section of Itunda, and continuing down Day 2 with my first roll- and swim-free run of Vengeance and continuing upright all the way back to Hairy Lemon. Holiday total, thirty two rolls, three swims (I got myself caught on the eddy line after rolling up on Superhole).

We were up (slightly gratuitously) at 5 a.m. to be ferried across the back channel from Hairy Lemon Island to meet our airport shuttle. The traffic was nowhere near as bad as on our arrival before Christmas, so we got to Entebbe a bit early (four and half hours before the flight). Currently in Doha airport, with a seven hour wait for our final flight to Manchester.

Should be home mid-morning. Probably won’t make it onto the river…

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