Family Christmas letters

The 2017 Christmas letter got written, though we struggled for photos and it never made it to paper – hope to bring you at least the text soon, as we will be about to start the 2018 edition. The 2016 web, odt and pdf versions are all here.

We started doing an annual printed christmas letter in 2001 (just about as we got back into outdoor activities after being bogged down in nappies for a while) as there was no way we could keep up with writing to everyone, and a circular was much better than hearing nothing from us except a christmas card. The first ones were pretty basic, but soon evolved to a double-sided A4 page, with about a dozen photographs which was a pretty concise executive summary of each year.

We try to run a paperless office ourselves, as paper gets lost or damaged so easily, so we’ve put all the letters on our web site, as web pages with the photos in the early ones as thumbnails which gives us the chance to add links to bigger versions of those photos and to videos (which don’t work at all on paper:). Newer editions have the photos at “blog size” and ought to have similar links (but may not all be done). Links and the like which were on the paper versions and are now out of date are (intended to be) updated to current locations. Where there’s a blog post with more detail on a trip, I’m aiming to add links from the christmas letters, but this is ‘work in progress’ – there’s a substantial number of blog posts but maybe as many again which I need to write up !

I’m trying to incorporate most of the diverse material from our website into the WordPress (blog software) site, but the Christmas letters were originally designed for A4 printing, and the format will never quite match. However, the document files for the paper versions are downloadable via our family history website and linked from here. Beware that I often dropped fullsize photos into Open/Libre Office and scaled on the page, so the files may be a bit big (the 2015 one is 27 Mb) for no great quality improvement over the pdf versions (1-2 Mb each) either for printing or on screen.

Web versions Open Document
Text (A4)
Portable Document
Format (A4)
Legacy formats
Family Christmas circular, 2016 2016 2016  
Family Christmas circular, 2015 2015 2015  
Family Christmas circular, 2014 2014 2014  
Family Christmas circular, 2013 2013 2013  
Family Christmas circular, 2012 2012 2012  
Family Christmas circular, 2011 2011 2011  
Family Christmas circular, 2010 2010 2010  
Family Christmas circular, 2009 2009 2009  
Family Christmas circular, 2008 2008 2008  
Family Christmas circular, 2007 2007 2007 2007 Rich Text
Family Christmas circular, 2006 2006 2006 2006 MS Word
Family Christmas circular, 2005 2005 2005 2005 ascii
Family Christmas circular, 2004
double page, 15 photos
2004 2004  
Family Christmas circular, 2003
double page, ten photos
    2003 MS Word
Family Christmas circular, 2002
double page, ten photos
2002   2002 MS Word
Family Christmas circular, 2001
single page, no photos
    2001 ascii

The most portable versions are PDFs (which don’t need you to have any particular fonts installed to get exactly the intended format, but the photo quality may be marginally lower). There are also editable versions as originally prepared. For recent years, you’ll need OpenOffice or LibreOffice installed (free and available for pretty much any platform, even legacy Windows systems:) and also the appropriate fonts – I’ve used Ubuntu Medium on recent ones. For ancient ones, only older formats exist, though I will try to remaster these some time.