Investigating Whether the Truful Truful river should be a WWGP event location!

Why the Truful Truful should be a WWGP event:

 The short one to two minute section of grade 5 white water is ideally located a 5 minute drive from the local town Melipeuco which has Hostels, camping and most importantly (but hopefully not most necessary) a hospital.

To get to the Truful Truful you should drive through Melipeuco on the main road, heading towards the park. You will drive across a bridge which currently has road works on. Immediately after the bridge turn left onto a dirt road, and follow until you see a black driveway into a parking lot. The parking is easily big enough for 7 vehicles, and the river access from the parking is good. The lava field allows a good view of the section, with not too many trees obscuring camera coverage, viewing or safety. It is also open giving an incredible view of the surrounding lava and volcanoes, an amazing atmosphere for a world class event!

From the parking lot you can walk down some steps and onto a sand/gravel path, the path runs up the entire section of river with occasional ups and downs over lava features. There is a fence which has a large gap underneath which you can easily crawl under, with plenty of space for passing boats through too. 

We didn’t explore access to the river right bank, but it looked like there were also many more camera positions to be explored over there too. It would be easy to ferry across above the rapid, or potentially to hike up that side of the river from the bridge. 

The Truful Truful grade 5 section consists of two parts, ending in a high volume (roughly) 20 foot waterfall. There are plenty of eddies above the section which could provide good starting places. The first section is a double drop, the first drop around 7 feet tall, and the second drop around 9 feet. There is a good position for safety cover at the bottom of the second drop, where someone could stand with a throw rope.

There is then a short grade 3 linking section before the second section, which is another double drop, the first drop is around 6 feet with a U shaped seam/hole (this would be the race line for a lot of competitors). The 20 foot waterfall is around 15 feet after the first drop, with a large boil pushing towards river left. Competitors should be aware of the pocket/cave at the bottom on river left, this would be an important place to have safety cover, with a live bait rescue prepared. Safety boaters and another throw rope in the bottom pool could also be good cover. Another factor is behind the curtain of the waterfall the water appears to be pushing behind the waterfall. 

There are also plenty of rocks in the bottom pool which could be used as the finish line for the race.

Also to note there is a porter potty at the turn off from the bridge, presumably for the road workers, but could easily be used by competitors, there is also plenty of bushes above the trail if you walk up the hill.

( Coordinates: 38degrees49’34.80″S 71degrees39’01.87″W ele 1808 ft )

Here is a link to Isaac’s reconnaissance video on my YouTube channel: