Pyranha Fest

Went to Pyranha fest this year for the first time – it did not disappoint! After the Friday night pre-party (at which I got far too drunk, and consequently failed to drink much at all on Saturday night) the Saturday involved being volunteered by Lowri to enter the race, which was surprisingly fun and silly (I didn’t win anything but never mind!) followed by food in the evening and a talk about the Borneo rolling expedition from the guys who had just got back from the first leg of the trip.

This was followed up by a serious amount of drinking and silliness resulting in strong hangovers the next morning, with more boating on the Tryweryn.

Unfortunately during boating in the afternoon Dave gave his keys to Joe, who subsequently lost them somewhere, meaning after everyone else had gone home, we were still searching the car park for the lost keys. Eventually Dave had to ring someone to rescue his car and take a hire car home. Whilst we were waiting for them to arrive we headed into Bala for a takeaway! What a pair of muppets!

Wet West Birthday Weekend!

My Birthday invariably falls sometime quite close to Wet West, meaning Scottish boating is invariably a compulsory birthday present!

This year we went up for a long weekend of boating:

We drove up to the Meig, via an empty Tummel, where we camped and then paddled the next day, which was fun but involved quite a bit of portage faff.

We then went for a look at the Carron which was also empty, followed by driving to Glen Shiel where we cooked and ate dinner by the loch. We paddled the Morriston the day after that, and had breakfast in Mac Donalds on the Sunday (Yum/Yuck!) then went to investigate the Loy, instead of going to the Garry but this turned out to be much too high! After driving a shuttle for the Arkaig for the boys, we headed home.