Christmas on the Nile

As a family (plus Anthony and with Lowri as a coach/guide) we headed back to the Nile, this time for a Christmas dose of sunshine boating. We stayed at NRE for Christmas, eating yummy food at the ‘Black Lantern’ restaurant, and spending the days surfing at Super Hole or paddling the section from the dam down to Itunda.

We moved down to the Hairy Lemon for New Year to avoid the drunken tourist hordes at NRE for New Year’s Eve. We spent a wonderful week chilling on the Island, playing on Club wave and the boys sometimes got on Nile Special if it was running, as well as several more trips from Kalagala down to Nile Special. We also played a lot of frisby golf, card games and ate a lot of the wonderful self produced food they have on the island! The trip was a lovely break from the wintry weather at home, and a nice respite from the revision I was supposed to be doing for my January exams (oopse!).


I’m sad to know that this may be the last chance I get to go to the Nile due to the next dam that is being built which will probably submerge the Hairy Lemon, and back up all the way to Kalagala.