Tees Race

This weekend I went to and competed in the Tees Race. A new event organised by Rory Woods and Lee Royle, on the Upper Tees section. There was a relatively good turn out, with over 50 people attending. There was a time trial, followed by a boater X, with a Ladies category. It was a really fun day with people chipping in and helping out where ever they were needed. A fun atmosphere and some nice lines, despite there being virtually no water.

I came 2nd, out of 3 Ladies, by a three second margin in the time trial, but significantly more in the boater X. I was very pleased as whilst on a normal day at the Tees I find the Jacuzi Shoot line quite intimidating, I knew it was faster, and every race run, it was an easy call to take that line for the added speed, without a second thought.



Dad even entered in his Pirouette for added speed, unfortunately he was missing the last foot of it, so not as much speed as he’d have liked.


Dad came 32nd, I came 25th and Mike came 17th overall, with times of 4.23, 4.12 and 4.00 respectively!

I also won a very small (since no one else would fit it) Typhoon onesie, and a SheWee!

The National Student Rodeo – Heroes and Villains

Having managed to snag myself a position on the LUUCC committee as competition secretary, I was very aware at my first Rodeo, that I would be running the next one. The weekend was spent trying to take in as much information behind the scenes as possible, whilst shadowing Andy and Sam and helping as much as possible.

I also managed to get out with my camera quite a lot!

I was particularly impressed with our Novice women’s entrants, all of whom were ridiculously enthusiastic and had a great time showing off their cool moves on the inlet gate!

There were lots of fantastic costumes both throughout the day, and in the evening at the party.


Unfortunately a large quantity of people from Leeds ended up with Trent belly on arrival home. Luckily I managed to avoid this, I suspect due to not having got on the water, and having a shower on the Saturday night! Otherwise a great weekend was had by all!