The Farnes and St. Abbs

Having rescheduled two of our sea kayaking days with Kim Bull we agreed to meet at Seahouses for a trip to the Farne islands on the Tuesday before my birthday. This was one of the best days I have ever had. Initially I was dubious about the trip as I knew the Farne islands as a round trip was about 18km, which sounded like a pretty substantial distance considering I’d done relatively little sea kayaking before. So we set off with the intention of just going to Inner Farne and seeing how we felt. On reaching it, we decided to just do the next crossing to Staple island, and then the same again to go to Longstone for lunch at the light house. This involved crossing a tide race, a scary new experience, which I coped with fairly well, and even got a few surfs on the waves up the race.

Aside from the tide race, the major highlight of the trip was the sheer number of Seals, which we first encountered on Inner Farne, a large number of which followed us round the islands for the whole day! I had a GoPro and took lots of footage of the ‘Seal stampedes’ as they rushed into the water where they feel most comfortable. I was very impressed with their curiosity and was just as curious in return!













When we finally made it back to the beach I was probably the most tired I have ever been! So we headed to a nice little café for some wake-up coffee before the drive home.

The second day, we headed to St. Abbs, where we went on a rock hopping tour of the coastline around from Coldingham Bay to Pettico Wick and back. Along the way we saw lots of sea birds, but far fewer seals than on the Farnes trip. Unfortunately my GoPro was playing up so I got very little footage from the St. Abbs day.

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