About me

I have lived right on top of the River Tees my entire life, meaning access to white water has always been at my doorstep. If anyone asks how long I’ve been kayaking I’ll always answer forever, but I guess I really actually started paddling when I was 9 years old. When I went from sitting in the front of mum’s huge open boat to actually getting my own kayak!! Since then I have become more and more involved in kayaking to the point of obsession, where if I’m not out paddling on the weekends then I’m sat playing with my gear to make it better (my boat always needs more foam to be comfier 🙂 ), at LUUCC pool sessions and socials or watching Kayak videos.

My family has all been into kayaking since I was pretty young, although mum and dad used to be cavers, dad decided he preferred getting wet and cold in a boat where there was light and scenery! And so the Waddingtons became kayakers. This is pretty awesome since our family holidays are now places like the French Alps, Austria and Christmas in Uganda!

I am now studying Geological sciences at Leeds University. I am competition secretary on the LUUCC committee, and am organising NSR 2014.

I have recently also got into both sea kayaking and mountain biking so I hope to have some updates on here from those activities soon too!